ANM230 Final Blog Post (Probably)

Hey there long time no see, things have been super busy lately and I haven’t had the time to keep the blog updated. However now that the project is passed and I’ve gained some more time I thought it might be good to fill you in. The project got really rough there towards the end through no fault but our own in the more early stages of its development, but that’s something ill go into more detail on in my Post Mortem.

Other things just like this blog have largely been on hold due to how busy Daydreams became, namely my Research Topic on Deep Data has not been touched for quite sometime. So the other day I thought I’d attempt to approach it once again see if I could get anything going. Now that I have an image imfcopy’d into the right exr format and containing deep data my hop was that I’d be able to make some more progress. However as I may (or may not) have addressed attempting to deep recolor this image in combination with with and the non deep pass results in Nuke crashing every time.

This issue obviously prevented me from continuing down this path and after a few hours of searching I wasn’t able to find a solution. I thought I would attempt once again alternative rendering software but Renderman currently having a different issue and Vray requiring a commercial, not non-commercial version for this kind of work I appear to be very much stuck. Now seeing other issues appearing in my usual rendering software Mental Ray and as well as computer programs I’m beginning to think I may be having an issue with my computer itself. I’m not sure if this is a completely separate issue to what I’ve been encountering with the Deep Data or not but whether it is or not its preventing me from moving forward.

Over the holidays I plan to reformat my computer and re-download all the software I need to attempt to make some more progress in this project but until then I’m not sure what else I can do.

We also were recently emailed about an internship opening up at Holden that I’m very interested in applying for, so I’ll likely be posting updates on a little project I want to work on in preparation for this application. I’ll keep you updated there.


ANM230 Final Blog Post (Probably)

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