ANM Weekly Blog 8

Hey to anyone who’s stumbled upon this, welcome to my blog of my weekly going ons throughout my university studies, hope you enjoy the (mostly bumpy) ride.

the simpsons hello hey hi welcome

This week I decided it was about time we finally have some form of rough previs for DayDreams. I wanted to make sure it was done as soon as possible so I put it together myself quickly and quite roughly. Rough as it is though I’m sure it’ll go a long way to help with the final animation stages and the overall visualization of the piece.

Over on the Research topic side of things I was able to, with Phils help figure out what was wrong with the way I was doing imf_copy. However after we were able to get that working I found that for some reason my render passes had become tinted red for some reason. When I reran the process at home I found this time they had become tinted blue, I tested the files in every way I could think of in an attempt to fix them. In the end I decided (mostly out of confusion and frustration) to attempted to uninstall and reinstall Nuke, which for some reason worked. So now I have an EXR render with all the passes within working and another with deep data, but of course I’ve found myself a new issue. When trying to view this deep file in Nuke through a deep recolour with or without the color render it attached it crashes Nuke. So stay posted for progress then the next issue there.

moment frustration

ANM Weekly Blog 8

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