ANM Weekly Blog 7

This past week I’ve continued work on both the group and research project. I feel like the group still needs a bit of fire in their belly’s over this project and to get motivated which we will hopefully be able to do in the coming week working together in class.

I’ve been continuing with some dynamic simulations trying to figure out exactly how we should be achieving the effects we’re after. I stumbled across a video earlier in the week researching these effects that I think we may be able to take on.

This effect makes use of Maya’s Pond System and some nParticles to create a nice result I figured we could use for our piece, so I got to work on the same kind idea and was able to come up with this.

I’ve been able to come up with a method which I believe will work for our wake effect and that I can confidently reproduce. This is just created using the Wake Emitter on a Maya Pond which works quite well for what we need. Unfortunately¬†in the example vid below I didn’t position the camera so you can see the horizon line so it looks straight out of interstellar.

As far as the research project goes. Tiled EXR stop, why are you not working imf_copy, what is going on. Stay posted for updates there.





ANM Weekly Blog 7

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