Anm Weekly Blog Week 6

The past week we have continued work on the group project. I began some research into some dynamic water effects for us to implement into our piece. The two effects my attention is currently focused on is the wake in the water created by the characters flying over it and the water splashing as one of the characters drops below. So far my tests have been centered around using Maya’s Oceans and Ponds as well as a little bit of Bifrost. Primarily I’ve been trying to use Bifrost to achieve the splash effect and Oceans and Ponds to achieve the wake. Using Oceans and Ponds I was able to get a wake effect working however is wasn’t without its issues. When using the effect on a larger scale as we will need to for our Ocean I found I ran into issues in its results, particularly the need for the for a larger wake emitter to be used to actually generate any effect. The larger emitter meant it would create a strange effect directly where it was placed in the ocean as you could see the water directly displaced by it. I also attempted to use Oceans and Ponds to create the dropping through water effect but found that it didn’t work very well with the water surface not being able to break it looked like some kind of jelly.

Attempting to create the splash effect I used Bifrost and tested dropping a collider object into a container of water. This created a much more dramatic and dynamic effect but found issues in using this method as well. Bifrost takes a considerable amount of time to simulate even for an effect with as little water as my Test scene. For our piece the effect will require much more water so that the effect does not visibly end before it should, this will only increase the time it will take to simulate and render the effect. As I write this I am still searching for methods of achieving these effects and will hopefully be able to produce some effective results soon.

I have been unable to dedicate a lot of time to my research project this week but I was able to make a small amount of progress. Now attempting to render the scene using the EXR frame buffer passes I was able to get all the passes to work. However once I attempted to then render them as deep data I ran into the issue of them being tiled EXR not Scanline which is what Maya and Nuke both require if you wish to view it. So moving forward I will need to find a solution to this problem either using imf_copy to somehow convert the images from tiled to scanline or use a different renderer.

Anm Weekly Blog Week 6

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