ANM230 Weekly Blog 5

This past week for our group project I’ve really tried to step everyone into gear and get some more progress happening so the project may progress. Ben and I decided it would be greatly beneficial for us to have a discussion over Skype and work on creating a effective Gantt Chart, this was something that probably should have been organised earlier which is the fault of Ben and I. However I do think that now that the plan is in place we will be able to much more effectively work towards our goal. For the past few days I have personally been working on the 3D character models for the dream sequence. It took quite a few hours to get right and I got feedback on the topology quite a few times to ensure it would be suitable for rigging and animation. Steve and I were also able to get into contact with Dan and follow up on some stuff we needed to discuss but hadn’t yet got the chance because he hadn’t been able to make it too class. We were able to assign him work to be completed for this Tuesday and ensure he knew what we were after.

During the week I also worked a bit on my research project, however this work turned out to not of use to me as Maya now has new features I was unaware of. That work was setting up my render layers, separating them into a render layer for each object and pass on that object. This took quite a bit of time and I did run into a few issues with some of the layers. However the next day in class we were given a tutorial by Phil discussing Maya’s new (or at least new to me) render pass method. Now that I understand how to use this method it will be the technique I will use moving forward on the Project.


ANM230 Weekly Blog 5

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