ANM230 Weekly Blog Week 4

This past week work on the Daydreams has continued across the class and we have begun to finalize concepts. There was quite a lot of confusing and worry in the beginning of the week relation to the style of the piece and the settings involved. It seemed due to poor communication people were unsure of how the piece should be visually constructed. Steve and I decided it would be best to meet with the others on Skype to hopefully clear up the issue and move forward with the concepting. Quite a few issues were raised and we had to make a lot of decisions to come to a clear outcome which best suited the group. These issues are still not completely cleared up, all will hopefully be decided upon early next week. Steve and I have also been working on the Storyboarding process getting some frames together to decide how the short will flow. We asked those who could, to join us on Friday to discuss their thoughts on the progression of the scenes and for any feedback or suggestions. Daniel, Ben, Jacinta, Mitch via Skype as well as Steve and I had quite a long and productive session in which we were able to get a much clearer although still rough visual Story. We were also able to decide upon a design for the Dream Characters.

Progression on my research topic has slowed a bit due to the Cultural Critique, but I have made a bit of Progress in the project. I was part way through the reconstruction of a Rig for my alien figure when I decided my time would be better spent solely focusing on the principles involved in Deep Data Composting instead of things like rigging. So I have decided to construct a scene similar in nature to what Phil supplied for us in the Nuke Shuffle Node tutorials. A simple scene with primitive shapes that will act as representations of what could be elements in a final shot. This will allow me to focus on the theory the technicalities of the project as well as giving me the possibility to take on a second research topic if I can finish this one earlier.

ANM230 Weekly Blog Week 4

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