ANM230 Weekly Blog Week 3

Moving forward on the group project we decided that it was now very important for us to get a clear image of how the piece would look and flow. So with the Project Documentation and Art Bible due the next week we all jumped into creating some concept art. Steve was made Art Director by Phil which I believe will work well for us as he has a strong image in mind for the piece and I think it would help if he were to be the one approving the concept work. Ben and I assigned everyone an element of the project to make some concept work  for and begin putting it together throughout the week.

I was assigned concepting the Daydream scene above the surface of the water and with some direction from Steve I began the work. I put a fair amount of time into the concepts trying to get a visual idea of what Steve was imaging however I think due to a lack of ability for us to communicate the idea across well, Steve put together a piece that I believed would serve better as the concept art for the environment.

I also continued work on my research project finishing the the Digital Tutors tutorial now having a much greater understanding of deep data nodes and how they work. I believe I can soon begin work on my own Deep Composite and put some of the things I’ve learnt into practice.

ANM230 Weekly Blog Week 3

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