ANM230 Weekly Blog Week 2

This past week for ANM we have continued to develop our group project and finalize the structure of our group. Early in the week I continued to put some more time into my Deep Compositing research topic looking into how I might go about doing it and what kind of scene I should be looking at putting together. I’ve decided to revive some assets from previous Tris to save myself time on elements like Modelling and Rigging. I need to make sure my scene is also very busy with multiple elements and preferably some kind of fog effect to best showcase Deep Compositing’s abilities.

During the week in class I put my name forward as creative director a long with Mitch and Steve and ended up getting the vote. In class on Thursday we also had a look into setting up Toon Shaders in Maya as it is likely we will be using something similar in our project. Something that caught my eye when doing this tutorial was the Toon Outline feature especially with the neon blue effect, particularly for its possible use in the dream sequence.

For the group project I asked everyone to do some concept art over Thursday and Friday for how they were picturing the project to look. I myself worked out some quick concepts for the old man character, the train scene and the underwater scene. For the ‘reality’ elements I tried to stick with a dull colour scheme attempting to take on a style discussed at Uni.

Recently I have been continuing some more work on my research project finding a few different tutorials on Digital Tutors, downloading Nuke and Renderman. In order to get deep data to operate correctly in Nuke the pathing needs to be set manuely, having never done this before it caused me quite a bit of trouble and cost me sometime, but I was eventually able to get it working. Once it was working I continued with the tutorial.

ANM230 Weekly Blog Week 2

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