ANM230 Weekly Blog

During the first week of Trimester 5 we began work towards the Group Project that will become the bulk of our work throughout the Trimester. We each came to class with a few different concepts and ideas to pitch to everyone so we could decide upon one and move forward with it. By the end of Wednesdays class we had decided to move forward with Steve’s ‘Day Dreaming’ Concept. It was decided that Ben would be operating as our Producer while Mitch would be acting as Creative Director.

Throughout the rest of the week in preparation for our next class we were each required to begin a section of the project documentation, I was assigned the Project Overview. While working on the Project Overview it quickly became evident that the concept needed a lot more fleshing out before the Project Overview could be finalized. There were quite a few points I needed to address in the Project Overview which simply did not have an answer as of yet.

I also began looking into a possible topic for my research question. I began by having a look through at some of the articles featured on Fx Guide ( a site which recently Phil recommended to us. On the site I had a read through the Captain America: Civil War Article, ( while reading through the article I stumbled across a term which caught my interest, ‘deep data’ and ‘deep compositing.’ The brief explanation of the technology/technique given on the article seemed really interesting and I decided to follow it up further. This then led me to another Article on Fx Guide discussing the development of the technology and techniques involved in the process. ( Since my read through of the article and the watching of an included video (  my interest  in the topic has grown. I think moving forward I am likely to use the concept of Deep Comp and Data in my research question likely posed as, ‘How can I use Deep Compositing Pipelines to improve my work?’ or simply ‘How does a Deep Composite Pipeline work?’

ANM230 Weekly Blog

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