Project 1 – Update 1

This week I was put into a group with Tim and tasked to design some props for the inside of a ship. I was to create an external door with Tim and door controls on my own. A used a lot of reference images of both Star Trek: The Next Generation and real life as these were what we were to base our designs on.

After gaining an understanding on the general theme of the design I decided to start concepting both props. As the door is external it needs to be heavy and strong and likely in the form of an airlock. I took this into consideration when designing both it and the control panel to ensure that it looked the part. I have also considered the adding of warning labels and other graphics to ensure the door looked as important as it needs to.

CaptureCapture2Capture3Capture4Capture5Capture24Capture6Capture7Capture8Capture22Capture23Capture9Capture10Capture11Capture12                      Capture25Capture26Capture30Capture29Capture27Capture28Capture31Capture14Capture15Capture16Capture13

(Tim’s Start)


(Tim’s end)

Capture17                                                                      Capture18                                           Capture20       Capture19



Project 1 – Update 1

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