Project 1 – Update 3

These past few days I have been working on creating the UV’s and textures for the door control and its hard-light surface while Tim works on the textures and UV for the exterior door. After completing both the UV’s and the texturing of the element I began experimenting with importing it into unreal and adjusting the textures the textures to suit the software.


After some time I was able to achieve quite a nice look with a soft glow adding to the hard-lights appeal. It gave it a strong presence within the scene acting as a soft light as well as an interesting surface.


Project 1 – Update 3

Project 1 – Update 2

This week for Project one we have been focusing on the modelling of the assets getting them ready to be unwrapped and textured. At this stage we are in a fairly comfortable position with our models having them basically complete and ready for texturing.

With both mine and Tim’s individual assets we were able to keep the poly count below 2000 so were able to just create the one model. However in the case of the exterior door I needed to model both a high poly and  low poly version of the model. From then I plan to bake the topology from the high poly model onto the low poly model as a normal map.

Still to be done on the door control is the “hardlight” surfaces which I plan to create with polygon planes with textures and transparency appropriately applied.

I considered modular design in the creation of these assets through the use of the same hand rails used alongside the door as well as the exterior door section itself having the ability to be placed in a modular form. The primary modular characteristic of the door control is the object itself, the fact that it can be placed around the ship with the possibility of functioning as more then just a door control.


Project 1 – Update 2

Project 1 – Update 1

This week I was put into a group with Tim and tasked to design some props for the inside of a ship. I was to create an external door with Tim and door controls on my own. A used a lot of reference images of both Star Trek: The Next Generation and real life as these were what we were to base our designs on.

After gaining an understanding on the general theme of the design I decided to start concepting both props. As the door is external it needs to be heavy and strong and likely in the form of an airlock. I took this into consideration when designing both it and the control panel to ensure that it looked the part. I have also considered the adding of warning labels and other graphics to ensure the door looked as important as it needs to.

CaptureCapture2Capture3Capture4Capture5Capture24Capture6Capture7Capture8Capture22Capture23Capture9Capture10Capture11Capture12                      Capture25Capture26Capture30Capture29Capture27Capture28Capture31Capture14Capture15Capture16Capture13

(Tim’s Start)


(Tim’s end)

Capture17                                                                      Capture18                                           Capture20       Capture19



Project 1 – Update 1