Project 4 Update 5

These past few days I have been working on fixing up the scene set up and creating the render layers. The scene set up and most of the render layers have come together quite nicely but some layers such as the shadow and reflection layers are still having issues.Screenshot (153)

Screenshot (155)Tests_Reflections

Screenshot (156)

Screenshot (157)

Screenshot (158)

Project 4 Update 5

Project 4 Update 4

The past few days I have been working on the rigging of my character. I attempted to created a reverse foot control but ran into issues and was not able to complete it. I was successfully able to create an FK IK switch and the required skeleton set up for it. I was also able to create the animated texture for the aliens glow and create a rig control for it.


Project 4 Update 4

Week 9 Research Topic – Find an example of a good showreel and a bad showreel and explain why you consider them so.

I thought this Showreel was effectively put together for many reasons, it does however have some areas that could be improved.


-Strong variety of work throughout
-Title of film, company employed by and effects worked on
-Good Length


-Seemingly unnecessary editing effects (the fades to black at the beginning, Tv cut out effect)
-Distracting sound effects
-Music is a bit distracting
-Footage is all different resolutions causing a lot of movement of black bars
-Playblasts of effects probably better shown in a rendered form.


Week 9 Research Topic – Find an example of a good showreel and a bad showreel and explain why you consider them so.

Week 8 Research Topic -What is an HDR image, and how is it used in 3D computer graphics?

A HDR image is a High Dynamic Range image created through the combination of photos taken at a range of high and low exposures. This allows more flexibility when it comes to adjusting the exposure of the image.


A standard image is limited in its ability when it comes to adjusting the exposure and similar attributes. Details within the image that are either solid white or solid black will only be that despite any changes in exposure. Unlike the human eye or a camera additional detail hidden in the dark can not be brought out by adjusting the exposure.


By taking photos at varying exposures and combining the images, we are able to achieve a photo which is capable of having its exposure freely adjusted. This means that when lowering or raising its exposure in software such as Maya or Photoshop areas that appear solid black or solid white at certain exposures will have more detail brought out when exposure is changed rather then them remaining solid.


HDR images are effective in 3D mediums because of this ability to adjust exposures. It allows for more realistic lighting of a scene and for the scenes lighting to be adjusted without losing the detail of the information being used to light it.


Week 8 Research Topic -What is an HDR image, and how is it used in 3D computer graphics?

Project 4 Update 1

For the last few days I have been doing location scouting for possible places to create the CCTV footage. I tried to get a variety of different locations in order to give us flexibility when choosing whereto shoot our final photos.


Photos in a local reserve, may cause problems with the amount of objects in the shot.


Some local streets, lots of wide open space and interesting light sources cast from the street lights (at night).


Front yard and back yard, a medium amount of objects within the scene, I have a rough amount of control over the background lighting.

Project 4 Update 1