Project 3 Update 1

During the past few days Rick and I have began doing some research into the different alien designs to decide on what our approach to the design would be, below are a collection of images that inspired each of our decisions.

180px-00018alien_ball_white_0634c78a682ace591a2b486e1860ddbf78-d48zqdp  2900848-2862764-15265_aliens_xenomorph  aliens_head_concept_iii_by_zarnala-d6e3z2qAlien_Head_Design_01   boner_08_by_waychyuan  ghoulimages (4)  images (2) images (3)  jorduschell7 ken_b_04 native_son_alien_concept_art_by_maxcady31216-d41usnd tumblr_nuzx8ahuer1tfvz4eo1_400

After deciding on the kind of approach we would be taking I began doing some research into anatomy of animals I thought would be similar. A large part of the direction I wanted to take was brought to light from the skeleton of Gorilla pictured below. I also wanted the hind legs of the Alien to be like that of a dogs.

gorillaskeletonarticle-2604010-1D117B7900000578-981_634x420bPCa0yEimages (5)c3d029392899d14b8634b206f9793835cat_hind_leg_musculature_by_solitusfactum-d49p39m

From studying the anatomy of a dogs leg I began to do some concept work sketching it out and getting an understanding of how its all put together.

Screenshot (130) Screenshot (131) Screenshot (132)

Gantt Chart for the project

Project 3 Alien Hoax Gantt Chart

Screenshot (133)


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Project 3 Update 1

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