Mensir Hospital Update 1

These past couple of days for work on our project we began doing research into the exercises we would be animating. I was tasked with animating both the jumping jack and tuck jump exercises. I decided that my first step in the production would be research the proper form and technique for each exercise. These two videos are what I decided to base the form of my exercises on.

After studying the proper form and technique of the exercises I decided that I would film myself performing them as it would allow me to get all the angles I needed. Below is the reference footage I took.

After filming the reference footage I began studying it and doing thumbnail drawings. These thumbnail drawings are what I planned to animate from. I will use these images as my reference for the poses and changes in positions throughout the movement trying to keep it as accurate to life as possible. Below are the thumbnail drawings I did.

Mensir Hospital Reference Drawing


Mensir Hospital Update 1

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