Completling the Gashapons Project

This week for ANI210 we completed the Gashapons project finishing all that was left of the texturing process and rendering out the final shots ensuring we had completed all deliverables. During the week I finished texturing Baffie while Emmanuell finished up D’rek, Duex and AL99. Once I had completed Baffie I began setting up rough lighting scenes for our renders as well as addressing the issue of deforming the characters into poses.

Screenshot (64)Screenshot (69)Screenshot (70)Screenshot (79)

For the deformation I decided to create latices where necessary to allow me to get the pose I needed once I was happy with the poses I was ready to move onto the next stage. At the same point in time Emmanuel finished up the rest of the characters and perfected my lighting set up.

Screenshot (97)Screenshot (103)

Screenshot (107)Screenshot (105)

Due to Emmanuell’s Mental Ray playing up it came down to me to render out all the shots while he worked on putting together the presentation and character profile sheets. The rendering process required a lot of tweaking in the works to getting it looking the way we wanted and as such took quite a lot of time and feedback. We decided to render out the shadows separately from the characters to allow the users of our Photoshop files the freedom of whether or not they choose to use the shadows.

Throughout the process of completing this task Emmanuell and I were always in contact with one another and were always sharing files through drop box. We made sure to raise issue when we felt they needed to be addressed as well as help each other out when we were running into issues.

capturelo12-2 capturelo12-5 capturelo17

In the end I was quite happy with the results we were able to produce and our final product. We ensured to meet all the required deliverables to a professional standard while working effectively as possible together to complete that goal.  Screenshot (117)

Completling the Gashapons Project

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