ANI210 Project 1 Gashapons – Week 1

During this week of ANI210 we were put into groups of two and given our first project task. Our task required us to design four Gashapon toys as part of a set of our chosen theme. My partner Emmanuell and I decided upon doing a space themed set including a male and female protagonist, an antagonist alien and his goofy robot sidekick.


When Designing these characters we each drew up some ideas and began exploring possible personalities and backstories for the characters. We wanted to keep the design as appealing as possible while keeping a broad approach to ensure we are able to reach as large of a demographic as possible. After we had decided upon a general direction to head in with each of the characters Emmanuell began further developing the concepts while I moved onto modelling a stock model which could then be adjusted to create each of our characters, ensuring i used topology suitable for animation.


It wasn’t long until the concepts had been further solidified and the stock model finished, which allowed us both to move further into the production. I began modelling some of the characters while Emmanuell began finishing off the colour concepts and working on Fridays presentation.

Capture 2 Capture 3 Capture

At the time of writing this blog I have made significant progress on D’rek, Baffie and Al99’s models coming close to an almost finished version of the heads of the designs. Emmanuel has also prepared a presentation and finished the concepts for the designs. As we move further into production I plan to finish D’rek, AL99 and Baffie’s models to ensure they are ready to present by Tuesday. Emmanuel plans to begin modelling Duex which I assist him in completing, we also hope to have the UV’s unwrapped and to have begun texturing by Tuesday.

ANI210 Project 1 Gashapons – Week 1

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